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New York 2016

From 17 to 19.4.2016 Economic Events was held in New York. They marked The 20th Anniversary of the US Headquarters of the Training Companies “Virtual Enterprises”. National Trade and Banking High School participated with two teams - "Monde de Chocolate" and "Magic moment".

On 19.04.2016 the International Fair of training firms was held. It was attended by 175 companies from Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil and the USA. Our high school students impressed the guests and jury. "Monde de Chocolate" received the second prize for fair catalog and one for video advertising, and "Magic moment" – the second prize for advertisement.

The National Trade and Banking High School’s teams participate in competitions in the United States for the 11th consecutive time and receive awards as a testament to the knowledge and skills of the students.

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